At Collegepond, we organize sessions for students wherein, we guide them through every section of TOEFL — Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. By doing this, we help students to navigate through the maze and instil the confidence in them to excel on the test. Students are provided with all the essential material and have the flexibility to issue books from the library as per requirement. This results in major cost savings for students who would not need to purchase any external material.

Moreover, in order to address specific issues faced by test takers, Collegepond offers personalized doubt solving sessions along with evaluation of mock speaking audio responses and essays, with the intent of enhancing a student’s skillset to the optimum level. Additionally, Collegepond helps students to systematically select the four universities where they can send their TOEFL scores for free, which again could be a savings to students.


This program is well suited for individuals who have not scored well in the diagnostic exam or are looking to score above a 114. The program is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the topics included in the TOEFL exam, with emphasis on strategies and shortcuts that will maximize time utilization. Spread over 8 hours of instructions, the program includes review assignments after each topic. Moreover,the student has accessibility to faculty members for unlimited doubt solving sessions. Building your vocabulary is one of the most important steps towards increasing your TOEFL score. Cramming words is not a good idea,especially when the TOEFL examination focuses on applying the vocabulary in a contextual sense..


This program provides systematic training of all the sections of the TOEFL. Our classes include two-hour lectures that are held thrice a week. This program is specifically designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the topics included in the TOEFL, with an emphasis on strategies and shortcuts to optimize time utilization. The program includes review assignments at the end of each topic and access to our faculty members for doubt solving. It is recommended that you learn everything – from vocabulary, basic grammar to tips and strategies – to aim for an impressive score. Mock exams are an integral part of the training and instill confidence in the students to face the examination and secure a good score.

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